Haifa Wehbe exploits the scandal of her ex-wife Ahmed Abu Hashima and takes revenge on her own way!


The scandal of Egyptian businessman “Ahmed Abu Hashima” continues to lead the search engines and social media after leaking sexual videos to him.

It is known that the relationship between Haifa Wehbe and her ex-wife was greatly strained after a marriage that lasted 6 years, and there was always one-sided war launched by Ahmed Ali Haifa to disrupt her artistic works in Egypt, the last of which was an attempt to hide the success of her series “Al-Harbiyya” by buying journalists and preventing interviews with her.

Haifa Wehbe took advantage of the scandal to which Abu Hashima was exposed and tweeted in a photo saying: “Life is rotating and afflicts the oppressor with what is unfair, the shame with what you smell, and the offended with what offended, do not be sad and your Lord is the most just.”

The image received great support from the fans of the Lebanese Diva, especially as it is far from problems and does not attack anyone except when attacked by it.

In the same context, a video of the group accused of blackmailing the businessman and consisting of “two men and a woman” spread, and they talked about the way in which they were able to obtain pictures and videos.

The audience, in turn, was divided between Mossadegh and Makhub for the news that the videos were forged, especially because Ahmed’s face is evident in the videos as well as his voice.

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The free scandal of Haifa Wehbe, businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, is causing a sensation … shocking video!

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