Hair salons are targeted … an initiative to reduce the spread of semen infection


02:07 PM

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Minya – Muhammad al-Nadi:

On Thursday, Minya Governorate started implementing the “Infection Prevention” initiative, in cooperation between the Ministries of Health and Local Development.

The activities of the initiative continue for 3 months, to complete the initiative of the President of the Republic to eliminate the C virus, and early detection of noncommunicable diseases under the slogan “100 million health”.

Mohamed Zidan, Director of Crisis Management in Minya Governorate and the local coordinator of the initiative, said that the initiative aims to eliminate infection hotspots in beauty salons and health clubs, under the slogan “Protect yourself and your family from transmitting hepatitis infection”, by taking preventive measures to limit the spread of liver viruses, And implement infection control measures to prevent the addition of new infected persons with high-risk places for transmission such as (barber shops, hairdressers, and health clubs).

He added, “Zaidan”, that the initiative organizes workshops to educate professionals in beauty salons, not to transmit infection, pointing out that single-use cosmetics are being distributed free of charge, through the passage of a team of health educated people on these salons to raise awareness of the wrong daily practices that lead to the spread Viruses.

Posters and pamphlets were distributed containing instructions to be followed to reduce transmission of hepatitis viruses, inside those places at the governorate level, issued by the Ministry of Local Development, with a commitment to place the awareness poster in each salon, to clarify safe health practices for the citizen.

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