Hala Shiha depicts her role in the movie “Not Me” in Saudi Arabia .. Pictures


The star Tamer Hosni continues to shoot his new movie “I am not“With a large group of stars, where the film is currently being filmed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Hala Shiha, the heroine of the work, published two photos with the film family from Riyadh, and commented on them” from Riyadh with the team of the film “Me Me .. One of the most beautiful pictures.”

The movie “Not Me” is a story, scenario, and dialogue by Tamer Hosni, directed by Sarah Wafik, and Tamer Hosny is betting on director Sarah Wafik, because of her high-quality artistic vision, as we previously stated, and the film star Majed El Kadwany, Sawsan Badr, Sherine, and a group of guests Honour.

Hala Shiha and Majid Al-Kidwani with the film family
Hala Shiha and Majid Al-Kidwani with the film family
Shiha solution and Majed Al-Kidwani
Shiha solution and Majed Al-Kidwani

It is noteworthy that Hala Shiha presented her latest series “Earthquake” with the star Mohamed Ramadan, and was presented in the month of Ramadan last, and co-starred with Ahmed Siam, Majed Al Masry, Hanadi Muhanna, Mustafa Mansour, Mahmoud Hegazy, and a large number of stars, written by Abdul Rahim Kamal , Directed by Ibrahim Fakhr, produced by Synergie.

The events of the series revolved around a man who buys a house with fixed-term installments and value, and when the last installment comes, the owner of the house demands that the house be registered in his name and the property be relinquished, but the seller will delay until the “1992 earthquake” in which the buyer dies and the house collapses after the earthquake and its consequences Muhammad Harbi Karama, whose name is “Earthquake”, faces life alone.

It is noteworthy that Tamer Hosni is currently presenting him with the movie “Al-Foulous”, and co-starring Khaled Al-Sawy, Zina, Mohamed Salam, and a group of guests of honor, headed by Ahmed El-Sakka and Mai Ezz El-Din, the story of Tamer Hosni, the scenario and dialogue of Mohamed Abdel-Moaty, directed by Said El Marouk .


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