Happened at night. | “Corona” strikes again … and the first photos of Father Savior, his daughter


Yesterday night, and until the early hours of Tuesday morning, witnessed a number of important events at the local and global levels, some of which are reviewed in the following report.

– Cairo University reveals the punishment for a violation by faculty members of the decision to ban the veil

The media, Amr Adeeb, commented on the Supreme Administrative Court ruling banning the veil from female members of the faculty at Cairo University, saying: “The ball is now not in the university stadium only, but in the stadium of Al-Azhar University.”

– “Deal of the Century” Trump’s gift to Netanyahu .. “New York Times” refutes the alleged plan for peace

The New York Times sees the visit of Benjamin Netanyahu, the head of the Israeli occupation government, to Washington, and the meeting of US President Donald Trump.

– Minutes of terror in the star of the child’s railroad father (video)

A source in the Ismailia Railways Authority revealed the details of a video clip of a father who jumped to the tracks to save his daughter while the train was passing.

– Accusations reached the Attorney General .. Details of the dispute between Mustafa Bakri and “National Media”

The differences between the MP and the media, Mustafa Bakri, on the one hand, and the National Media Authority and the Media Syndicate, on the other hand, reached the courts, after the two parties submitted communications against each other.

– Military Production announces candidates’ test dates for the personal interview for the “worker” position

The Ministry of Military Production, through its official Facebook page, announced today, Tuesday, the names of the candidates for the personal interview for applicants for the “Amel” job, according to the job announcement that was published on the official page of the ministry in November 2019.

– “If Van Damme who is under the country, he will not be able to speak.”

The journalist, Amr Adeeb, commented on the incident of embracing his daughter’s father under the wheels of the train at the Ismailia station, to save her life, saying: “Appreciate and kindness … bring me Omar and Armini under the country.”

– “Health”: We suspected two cases of Corona virus .. and the result was “flu”

Dr. Alaa Eid, Head of Preventive Medicine Sector at the Ministry of Health, has revealed that two cases of Corona virus are suspected in Egypt.

– The first dry airport and “air-conditioned third class” .. 13 important statements of the Minister of Transport in Parliament

The corridors of the House of Representatives witnessed today, Monday, important statements by the Minister of Transport, Lieutenant General Kamel, on the sidelines of the plenary discussion meeting, which witnessed the approval of amendments to the National Railways Law.

America warns its citizens against traveling to China because of the Corona virus

Today, the US State Department issued a travel advisory across China, and urged Americans to “reconsider” any plans to visit China.

– The Minister of Education explains to Masrawy details of the cancellation of the secondary branch

Minister of Education and Technical Education, Dr. Tariq Shawky, said that the cancellation of branching in secondary school will start from the next academic year for the third year of secondary school students.

It includes a father, mother and two children .. Details of the “ideal” Egyptian family incentives bill

The House of Representatives, in its plenary session, today, Monday, headed by Dr. Ali Abdel Aal, Speaker of the House, approved the referral of a law proposal submitted by parliamentarian Kamal Amer regarding positive incentives for the “ideal” Egyptian family.

– 3 children were killed in an apartment fire in Al-Muqattam .. And inspection: a short circuit in the fireplace

A new tragedy recorded by the Najda Police Operations Room with a massive fire in an apartment in the Mokattam area in Cairo Governorate, resulting in the death of 3 children and the rescue of their fourth siblings and parents, and came after a short circuit in the fireplace.

– The Washington Post: Trump will propose a “conditional” state to the Palestinians

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s plan for the Middle East would suggest a path for the Palestinians to establish a state “if they meet a set of requirements.”

The fall of an Algerian military training plane and the killing of its crew

According to news reports, a military training plane crashed yesterday evening, in the Qaraq Tignergen area, in the town of Ain Zaitoun, in the wilaya of Oum El Bouaghi, in eastern Algeria.

Record the first case of corona virus in Germany

A spokesman for the German Health Ministry said in Munich on Monday evening that the first case of the new Corona virus had been registered in Germany.

– The first photo of the father, his daughter, on the train of Ismailia

Social Facebook pioneers shared pictures of the brave father who jumped to the railroad tracks in Ismailia to save his daughter while the train was passing.

China: Corona death toll rises to 106

The Chinese authorities announced today, Tuesday, the death toll of the Corona virus, to 106 deaths.

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