Happened at night. | Haftar rejects the ceasefire agreement .. and Majdi Abdul Ghani


Yesterday night, and even the early hours of Tuesday, witnessed a number of important events at the local and global levels, some of which are reviewed in the following report.

– Al-Arabiya: Haftar left Moscow without signing a ceasefire

Al-Arabiya satellite correspondent said that Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter, commander of the Libyan National Army, left the Russian capital, Moscow, on Tuesday morning, without signing a ceasefire agreement in Libya.

The Libyan Observatory: Hifter will not sign any documents that prevent the National Army from carrying out its duties

The Libyan Observatory newspaper said that Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter, commander of the Libyan National Army, and his accompanying delegation, had already left the Russian capital Moscow on Tuesday morning, without signing a ceasefire agreement.

– A Libyan military source reveals why Hifter did not sign the ceasefire

A military source close to the leadership of the Libyan National Army said today, Tuesday, that the commander-in-chief of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, left Moscow without signing the ceasefire agreement.

Libyan Army General Command: “We are ready and determined to achieve victory”

Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath channel reported, in an urgent news to it, that the General Command of the Libyan National Army announced on its official page on the Facebook site that the army personnel were “ready and determined to achieve victory.”

– With a “tight ambush” .. The leader of the Houthi militia was killed in southwest Yemen

A prominent Houthi leader was killed, along with 3 of his companions, in a specific operation carried out by the Joint Resistance Forces special unit, on Tuesday morning, in the Al-Barh Front in Taiz Governorate, southwest of Yemen.

Pelosi: The investigation found “sufficient evidence” to isolate Trump

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, expressed her belief that the investigation hearings to isolate US President Donald Trump reached “enough evidence to isolate him” in the trial that the Senate will hold.

– Waiting for Al-Azhar’s opinion … Details of the discussion of the draft law banning child marriage in Parliament

The Legislative and Constitutional Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives, headed by Counselor Bahaa Abu Apartment, decided to postpone discussion of the Prime Minister’s decision of a draft law to amend some provisions of Law No. 12 of 1996 issuing the Child Law.

– “Cleaning fees and factory gas” .. What happened in Parliament today?

The House of Representatives, in its session today, witnessed the presence of a number of ministers today, speaking with a number of statements regarding energy subsidies for factories and the mechanisms of new dealing by the Ministry of Electricity with citizens’ bills.

Ghada Wali reveals her Excellency details of her job at the United Nations

Actress Esaad Younes, hosted on the “Her Excellency” program, broadcast on DMC, Dr. Ghada Wali, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Crime, former Minister of Social Solidarity.

Doctors about electronic cigarettes: We found different qualitative damages to them compared to their regular counterparts

The journalist, Amr Adib, presented a paragraph on electronic cigarettes and compared their damages to the regular traditional cigarettes, in his “Story” program broadcast via MBC Egypt.

– “The legacy of my grandfather from 1964” .. Majdi Abdel-Ghani reveals the details of the ruling on his imprisonment in an inheritance case

Captain Magdi Abdel-Ghani, a former member of the Football Association Council, said that the published judgment on his imprisonment was issued in absentia by the first instance court in more than two months, and he submitted an objection to it.

– “Spreading hate and calling for violence.” .. Parliamentary critic of selling sexual and extremist books to children

Representative Dalia Youssef, a member of the House of Representatives, revealed the details of her request for a briefing on the containment of a number of children’s books circulating in the market, sexual and extremist stories calling for intolerance, terrorism and violence.

– “It was controversial” .. A spokesman for “Electricity” commenting on the decision to raise the “cleaning fees”

Dr. Ayman Hamza, a spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity, said that the ministry collects cleaning fees on electricity receipts for the benefit of localities, as it is a mediator between them and the citizen.

Amr Adib reveals why Al-Sarraj and the Turks asked for a cease-fire?

The media, Amr Adeeb, said that the militias in Libya are of two types; the first is political militias that emerged from tribes after the fall of Gaddafi’s rule, and others are extremists.

– President of “East Gas”, about calling for a Turkish-Egyptian agreement: “poison in honey”

Engineer Muhammed Shuaib, CEO of “East Gas” company, said that Turkey knows very well the lack of enforceability of the agreement it signed with the Libyan government of Al-Sarraj.

Industrial Development Bank: The Egyptian pound is better for a local currency in developing countries against the dollar

Majid Fahmy, Chairman of the Industrial Development Bank, said that the state never interferes in setting the price of the dollar against the pound, and it depends on supply and demand.


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