Happiness on her face … The first pictures of Meghan Markle after leaving Britain


After Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, caused controversy because everyone was shocked by their decision to physically separate and independence from the kingdom, and go to start a new life; the last stage was to meet the queen and agree to their request.

According to the Mirror newspaper, “Queen Elizabeth II agreed to the request of Prince Harry and his wife to relinquish royal responsibility and their desire to leave the royal palace, and by this decision, Megan Merkel had triumphed over all customs and traditions in the British Palace.

“Megan” appeared after the queen agreed to leave the country, and expressions of extreme happiness appear on her face, she was unable to hide her joy with the queen’s approval of their request, in front of the cameras lenses, and more than one picture was taken of her as she was leaving the palace and heading to the plane.

Megan Markle managed to fulfill her desire to stay away from the life of the kings and enjoy her life with her son and husband like any ordinary couple and was overwhelmed with happiness after the Queen’s approval.


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