Haram Street closes 10 hours over two days


The General Administration announced for Giza TrafficPartial closure of Al-Haram Street for two days, because the company implementing the national project for Subway The “Fourth Line” of transport works that are incompatible with the project’s path.

The administration explained the partial closure dates of Al-Haram Street and its intersection with Sheikh El-Sherbiny Street, “Al-Matbaa”, in the direction coming from the archaeological area towards Giza Square, and the intersection of Al-Ahram Street with Diaa Street in the direction coming from Giza Square towards the archaeological area, as it will be closed in the early morning hours of Saturday 12 Am until 5 am, then 12 am Sunday through 5 am.

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The work also continues 24 hours a day above the sidewalk at Al-Ahram Street in both directions, starting from Diaa Street to Sheikh El-Sherbiny Street, “Al-Matba’a”, for 10 days, which started on Tuesday morning, 14/1/2020, and is scheduled to end on Thursday 23/1/2020.

She appealed to the public administration For Giza Traffic, Citizens comply with the guidelines and instructions for traffic signs and committees that are to be published in the vicinity of the business area, to avoid overcrowding.

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