Harry convinced the Disney director of his wife’s skills and questions in Canada about their “security bill”


Harry convinced the director


The decision to transfer Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, to Canada raised questions about their security costs, as media outlets circulated a video clip of Harry trying to persuade the “Disney” director of Megan’s vocal skills.

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A meeting of the British royal family

The British “Daily Mail” newspaper reported on Tuesday that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed that there are ongoing discussions regarding the implications of Megan and Harry’s decision to move to Canada, but he did not confirm that Canadian taxpayers will pay their security bill of 500,000 pounds. .

“I think most Canadians support the presence of members of the royal family here, but how and the costs for it are still under discussion,” Trudeau said.

A Trudeau spokesman declined to comment on whether Canadas taxpayers would pay the bill.

Buckingham Palace had already discussed with Mark Sidwell, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the National Security Adviser in the Kingdom and the Home Office, the future of the security of the couple, and British Home Secretary Pretti Patel, on the issue of financing his security Megan and Harry, said that she would “not provide any detailed information on security arrangements Them or any member of the royal family. ”

This coincided with the publication of a British newspaper, “The Sun” and “The Telegraph,” a video showing Harry speaking with Disney CEO Bob Eger and persuading him of his wife’s voice performance skills, months before the former American actress signed an agreement. With the company to make a voice comment on one of its works, in exchange for the company’s donation to the “Philae Without Borders” association, a charity that protects animals.

The video was taken while the couple attended the premiere of “Lion King”, last July.

During the video, Harry told Eger: “She is really interested in voice acting. Did you know that?”, To which Eiger replied, “Really? I didn’t know that. We’d like to try that then.”

On Wednesday, the couple announced that they wanted a new, progressive role and wanted to work towards “material independence”, in a decision the media called “MEXIT”.

After talks and a crisis in which the most prominent members of the royal family participated, Queen Elizabeth agreed, on Monday, to abandon her grandson and his wife for their royal duties to lead a more independent life.

Source: Daily Mail + The Telegraph + The Sun


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