Has Chinas expansionist policy turned Corona into a high epidemic?


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Saturday 25 January 2020

Books – Mohamed Ataya:

Chinese President Xi Jinping may not be directly responsible for the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, but his political program has caused the epidemic to spread to the world, according to “Force Police”.

Chinese authorities announced the death of 41 people infected with the new coronavirus, and infected more than a thousand people, noting that the numbers are increasing as a result of the transmission.

The virus, which originated in Chinas Wuhan Province, hit several points around the world, and appeared in Europe, the United States, Japan, and other cities and capitals of the world.

The American magazine “Foreign Policy” confirmed that the “Belt and Road” program launched by the Chinese President, aimed at expanding Chinese trade and infrastructure all over the world, and became the focus of his foreign and economic policy, caused the spread of domestic disease in almost all parts of the world.

“Foreign Policy” explained that, according to scientists at the World Health Organization, the virus is transmitted by infection from the infected person to about every two and a half people on average in China.

On January 3, China officially reported 44 cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, but after two weeks the number jumped to 198. On the morning of January 21, 444 patients were confirmed to have been infected in Hubei Province, adjacent to Wuhan.

The American Journal pointed out that the Corona virus looks similar to “SARS” in terms of spread, although the virus similar to “pneumonia” is more active, due to Chinas expansionary policy in 2013, because of the “Belt and Road” program covering 70 major countries, and will arrive In the end to two-thirds of the world’s population.

And “Foreign Policy” of America added that China spends hundreds of billions on this program, with the aim of expanding and penetrating all countries economically, pointing out that the railway system in China is expanding, inside and outside the country, across borders, as well as many other means of transportation that It made countries more connected to China.

After moving to Europe, when France announced, on Friday, that three citizens were infected with the virus from Wuhan Province, Foreign Policy believes that the virus will expand in Africa as well, because China has expanded its interests and infrastructure in Africa, especially Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania Zimbabwe and Angola.

The magazine stressed that if the virus spreads to that African country, the matter will turn into a disaster, because there is no superior health care that can care for patients with a virus similar to “SARS”, and then the disease spread to large levels between them.

Wuhan Province, known as the “China Road”, is a major transportation and trade center. According to “Foreign Policy”, more than one million people take trains inside and outside the city every day, in addition to hosting several giant factories such as “Microsoft” and another group of major Car manufacturers.

The live animal market from which the epidemic originated is located within walking distance of the Wuhan High-Speed ​​Railway Station, which made it – according to Foreign Police – suitable for animal dealers to come between the city and the fishing areas in Southeast Asia and the Himalayas and Central Asia.

Before the government placed restrictions on movement outside the city, there were about 300,000 people exiting from Wuhan, hoping to reach relatives for the new lunar year or simply avoid the campaign.

“I saw everything: bird flu, SARS, swine fever … and the rest. But the inflammation,” Yi Guan, from the University of Hong Kong, a veteran virologist who worked on the SARS epidemic, said in a statement to Caixin. The pulmonary in Wuhan makes me feel very helpless. Most past epidemics could have been controlled, but this time, I feel nauseous. “

“I am also worried. It is difficult to look at new ways that have been built with Chinese help over Siberia, the Himalayas and as far as Africa without seeing potential pathways of disease that can carry infection to every corner of the world,” Guan added.

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