“Hazar donkeys are all biting and kicking.”


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Humans were confused in understanding the economic crises around them, those crises that crumbled the great slate under which they were putting their savings away from the eyes of banks, taxes, and monthly associations. So, a group of affected people resolved to go to a seasoned financial expert to explain to them the dimensions of the situation, so that they might find a way to follow a plan or mechanism to deal with filing and compromise, so the expert told them an old story of a Jewish merchant and said: “The Jewish merchant went to a remote village, offering to its residents dispersed by a turnover. The ground around NF Here every 24 hours, they buy every donkey for ten dollars, and a large portion of them sold their donkeys, and after a short period of time the Jewish merchant raised the price to 15 dollars for one donkey, and others sold their donkeys too, and because at the time of the tenders and the Jewish merchant played auctions, he raised the price a third time to 30 One dollar, of course, sold the rest of the village’s donkeys until there was not a single donkey in the village. ”Then the Jews said to them,“ I am ready to buy one donkey for fifty dollars. ”He said it and let them butt each other and went to his rest to spend the weekend. At that time, the demand for donkeys increased and they searched for them in their village and the neighboring villages, but they did not find even one nail of a donkey. At this time, which is similar to periods of stagnation and boar, the Jewish merchant sent to the village his Jewish assistant as well, which no one knows, and offered to the people of the village, who were unaware of the damned intentions, to sell to them. New donkeys with forty dollars for one donkey, so they all decided to buy them to resell them to the Jew, who raised the price to fifty dollars to the point that they paid all of their savings. Instead, they borrowed from the village bank, which took out all of its reserve liquidity, thinking that what they did would achieve a quick gain and that irrigation H will bring what the ships desire, but unfortunately after they bought their donkeys again at $ 40 for the donkey, the Jewish merchant who offered them to buy 50 dollars disappeared and likewise evaporated his assistant who sold them the donkeys. In the next week of the priestly dump, the villagers became unable to pay their debts owed to the bank The one who went bankrupt is the other and they have a donkey that is not equal to one fifth of the value of the debt. If the bank seized it against their debts, it has no value for him, and if he left them completely bankrupt, and no one paid the debt, and no consolation for the donkeys that were sold or what was purchased, the village was lost and the bank was ruined and brayed Donkeys rose with regret and grief over the money of the Qur’an And of her bank, which pocket the Jewish merchant entered irrevocably.

To this end, the expert’s story about the people who were anonymous and donkeys ended and returned to address the affected group, saying: “My dear, delete the word donkey and put in its place any other commodity, lands, apartments, cars, shares, you will find simply that we are a devil’s slave of all these possessions and for the sake of sacrifice the dear and dear, Although the apartment is completely humble, like luxury, both of which have four corners, and the small car is like a luxury walk on four tires, so what is the difference ?, Are in the big apartment, you will sleep, so your man will go north in the salon and your right-foot man in the sofa on the basis of pomp? Nor is it, for example, the large car that walks on a road furnished with flowers, but the fruit decays from the asphalt? In the end, the appearances are deception and the variables around us are maximum. When the price of a barrel of oil rose to 150 dollars, the price of everything increased, electricity, transportation, and food. Its price has dropped to less than $ 60. Nothing has gone down. Rather, the high price is still increasing. Why? I do not know! It is clear that the answer is the grandson of the Jewish merchant in Manhattan to the Broadway corner, and every play and you are spectators.

The appearances are deceiving and the variables around us are utmost. When the price of a barrel of oil rose to $ 150, the price of everything increased, and the return to humans did not increase. Now that its price has decreased to less than $ 60, nothing has decreased.

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