“Hazel is the oldest communication.” Ayman Bahgat Qamar threatens the makers. “It is truly a family of children.”


4:00 PM

Friday 17 January 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

The poet and author Ayman Bahgat Qamar attacked the makers of the play “It is truly a respectable family 2”, directed by Samir El-Kadwani, after the work poster that was to be shown on Romance Theater was released.

Bahjat Qamar wrote, through his account on Twitter: “I am calling for the supervisory authority to stop this farce. It is Megha and there is no birth and its owner is absent … I will come down with a report on this work, a lack of real literature.”

He continued: “This is the history of my father, and it is not common, that is, anyone can take it without permission or permission.”

He added: “Dr. Khaled Abdul Jalil, he told me that they did not scratch a statement … They let them show, so they can get shouted in the box in front of the viewers.”

It is reported that the play “It is really a respectable family” was shown in 1979, and it was written by Bahjat Qamar and Samir Khafaji and directed by Othman Al Hamamsi, starring Fouad Al Mohandes, Shweikar, Amina Rizk, Mahmoud Al Jundi and Abdullah Farghali.


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