“He beat her with a hose after midnight.” An Egyptian woman writes a report against her husband in Kuwait


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An Egyptian expatriate released a report against her husband, alleging that she was assaulted with a “plastic hose” after midnight, according to the newspaper, “Kuwaiti News”.

The newspaper stated that the Egyptian expatriate and her husband were satisfied with their question about the reasons for the attack, saying that it was the result of “a private dispute that occurred between them after midnight.”

A security source said that in the third decade, al-Wafdah approached one of the Ahmadi stations, accusing her husband of severely beating him with his hand and “hose”.

The prosecutor added that her husband’s assault forced her to seek help from the neighbors who intervened and initiated contact with the Ministry of Interior’s operations based on her recommendations and the failure of the reconciliation efforts.

The security source added that a patrol moved to the place of the communication, the husband was arrested and taken to the police station, and a medical report was requested from the wife.

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