“He chased thieves who stole a lady’s bag and threw him under a car.” A new “Shahada Shahama” in Dakahlia


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On Tuesday, a young man in Dakahlia died, run over under the wheels of a van, while chasing two boys in “Tok Tok”, after they kidnapped a handbag from a woman.

Major General Fadil Ammar, Director of Dakahlia Security, received a notification from Major General Sayed Sultan, Director of the Directorate’s Investigations, that a notification has been received by the police of the city of Talkha about the occurrence of a crash of Talk Tok on a citizen on the road of Talkha – Sherbin.

Upon examination, it was found that Muhammad, killed, and his fame, “Al-Azazi,” 30 years old, residing in the village of Mit Antar, Talkha.

Eyewitnesses said that, while a teacher went to her work, two young men traveling to Tok Tok kidnapped her handbag in front of Al-Awadi Street in Talkha, and the woman sought help from pedestrians, then he (Al-Azazi) rode a motorcycle, left his workplace in a cafeteria and chased the perpetrators on the road of Talkha, and during the chase, someone kicked him with his foot He fell by motorcycle under the wheels of a truck, while she was driving along the opposite road, while the defendants managed to escape with the tuk tuk and the stolen bag.

The people called the victim the “martyr of magnanimity” for his sacrifice in his life, and the prosecution deposited the body of the morgue of the Mansoura International Hospital, to dissect it and explain the cause of death, and quickly ordered the arrest and bringing of the perpetrators.

Talkha detectives intensified their investigations, to quickly arrest the accused, and the surveillance cameras at the scene of the accident, and the route of escape of the perpetrators, were seized.

The necessary minutes were released from the incident and referred to the Public Prosecution for investigation.

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