“He established a relationship with his cousin” … details of the killing of a farmer by his relative in Damietta – accidents


“3 stab wounds … a sexual relationship” .. Details of a horrific murder occurred in the village of Dahra in Faraskour Center, Damietta Governorate, investigations and investigations stated that a farmer went to his cousin to accuse him of an illegal relationship between the first son and the daughter of the latter, what prompted the first to kill him, after he requested From him to marry his son to “his daughter.”

The investigations and investigations conducted under the supervision of Major General Alaeddin Salim, First Assistant Minister of the Interior for the Public Security Sector, stated that the suspect, 45, killed the victim with 3 stab wounds with a “knife”, because of the son’s relationship with the “daughter of the victim”, and the forces were able to control The accused and the weapon used in the crime.

A report of the incident was edited, and the prosecution that moved to the crime scene was notified, and the victim’s body was examined, and it was found that he had 3 stab wounds to the neck and chest, and the prosecution decided to present the body to the forensic medicine, and requested investigations of the investigations into the incident.

The prosecution requested the investigations of the mabahith to clarify whether there was an illegal relationship between the victim’s son and the victim’s daughter, or not, and the investigations confirmed that there was an illegal relationship between them.

The prosecution began interrogating the accused, and he confessed to the details of his crime, saying: “I killed my cousin in 3 minutes .. Jay wanted me to marry my son to his daughter and say that in an illegal relationship between them and the whole country I knew and people exposed him … and I was refusing the passport de … killed him.” .

After hearing the defendant’s statements, the prosecution issued a decision to imprison him for 4 days pending investigations, and was charged with premeditated murder, possession of a white weapon without a “knife” license, and the prosecution rushed the victim’s forensic report, in preparation for referring the accused to a speedy criminal trial before the criminal court .

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