He is 21 years old .. Suleiman Eid remembers the position of Ala Wali Al Din


07:53 PM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Bahaa Hegazy:

The artist Suleiman Eid, through his personal account on the “Instagram” website, published a part of a dialogue with the late artist Alaa Wali Al-Din, in which he said that Suleiman Eid can easily make him laugh.

Eid wrote: “May God have mercy on you, Alaa. In 1999, his first movie, Aboud, was posted on the border, and I wrote in Al-Ahram newspaper, this news, and at that time I did not know me.”

Eid continued: “After that, I worked with the beholder movie, and I was very happy when I walked in the street and the people said the actor who appeared in the beholder movie is, may God have mercy on you and good for you.”

The artist Alaa Wali Al-Din left our world on February 11, 2003, after celebrating with his family Eid Al-Adha.

Part with a dialogue with Ala Wali Al Din


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