He passed out at the first kiss .. A love story of Faten Hamama and Omar Sharif at first sight


Despite her marriage three times, her relationship with the late artist Omar al-Sharif remains a source of admiration for many, and their relationship did not permeate many secrets .. They were connected calmly and separated quietly, They meet The first was a magician, a shy young man who appeared for the first time in front of a famous artist, and despite his silence and lack of disclosure of his love for her, everyone who saw the movie “Conflict in the Valley” felt as if they were in a true love story, and immediately after the film was shown in the cinemas, everyone talked about Faten’s association Dove and Omar Sharif in secret.

The first meeting of Faten Hamama, whose fifth anniversary commemorates her death, and Omar Sharif, is in 1954, on the first day to start work on the movie “Conflict in the Valley” .. Faten went to Al-Ahram Studio and entered the makeup room and asked director Youssef Chahine to bring «the boy The new »which will star in front of it as Explained Shaheen earlier, and after a few moments, Youssef Chahine entered and was succeeded by a young man walking stumbling in his steps, and he leaned politely and alive alluringly, as the artist said in an old dialogue with her.

Faten felt shy and afraid of her, as this was his first role, but she was a movie heroine. Faten tried to encourage him and help him so that he would not transmit this shyness on the screen, so I asked him to sit with her before filming and talked about cinema and art, and the artists who preferred him until he started to get rid of shyness Which is needed.

This shyness changed in front of the camera, during the photography Omar was standing in front of the camera in the scenes that bring him with a strong and enthusiastic stranger on a young man who represents his first roles, and Omar quickly adapted to plateau and photography, thanks to this courage to Faten, who was able to end the shyness that he felt in The beginning made him feel that in the end he would appear in front of an ordinary person.

During filming “Conflict in the Valley” a lot of funny situations occurred, including a strange situation, in this film Faten presented her first kiss in a movie, and she agreed to exchange it with Omar Sharif in the film, and when filming this kiss the events of the movie required that Omar faint Al-Sharif, and after completing filming this scene, they discovered that he had already passed out, and Omar did not find an explanation for this fainting.

Some snitches took advantage of this kiss and spread rumors about Faten and Omar that they were related, but at that time they were nothing but special rumors, and that Faten had separated from her first husband, director Ezz Al-Din Zulfiqar, and in her life only her daughter Nadia, did not give these rumors any importance, but she thought Omar is her source as a quick attempt to fame, so she called him and told him, while she was angry that he was the one who launched these rumors, so he apologized to her that he was completely ignorant of her source and invited her to drink tea with him and Faten responded to his call.

During this meeting – as Faten described – her heart beats for the first time with Omar’s love, but she did not disclose anything to him, and it seems that Omar also loved her since the first meeting, during the second meeting for them Omar did not hesitate and asked her, “What do you think if we marry us!”, Faten felt confused She remained silent and by chance Yusef Shaheen was present, so he commented on Omar’s question and Faten’s silence: “A thousand congratulations remain on you.” Faten quickly left without answering Omar and went home to think.


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