He spent the Empire of Magic and Beauty … President Sisi honored Major General Alaa Selim


President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi honored, today, Thursday, a number of distinguished police officers, during the celebration of the 68th Police Day, in appreciation of their distinguished efforts in preserving security and protecting citizens.

Among the most prominent honorees at the ceremony was Major General Alaa Selim, Assistant Minister of the Interior for the Public Security Sector, who during his tenure in the sector succeeded in eliminating the “magic and beauty” empire, and the public security sector witnessed a great development during his reign, as he was able to uncover the mystery of murder and kidnapping cases In very short time periods.

Major General Alaa Salim, assistant minister of interior for the public security sector, belongs to an ancient family in the village of Tama, Sohag Governorate.

Major General Alaa Selim graduated from the Police College in 1984, and began his career in the Heliopolis Department, then joined the Investigation Department of the Shubra El-Kheima Police Department, then Head of the Khalifa Police Department Investigations, then Head of the Investigation Department of the El-Waili Police Department, then Head of the Heliopolis Investigation Department, then moved to work in the interest of Public Security, until he took over the position of Inspector General Security for the eastern sector.

After that, he held the position of director of the Bribery Department of the Public Funds Investigation, then director of the Qalubia Investigation Department, until he held the position of chief of the Interior Ministry’s investigations.

Major-General Salim took over the position of Director of the Investigations of Qaliubiya, with great success, as he succeeded in controlling criminal outposts there and eliminating gangs of theft of citizens, cars and drug dealers, as he succeeded in eliminating outlaws in Jafra, and also restored calm to the Golden Triangle area.

Among the honorees came today, Major General Hisham Farouk, Director of Aswan Security, Brigadier Majed Ragheb, Directorate of Western Security, Brigadier Manar Mukhtar in the Human Rights Sector, Brigadier Hazem Khalil in the Presidency Police, and Dean Muhammad Abdullah, the head of the Abu Qurqas Police Station in Minya, and Colonel Hassan Muhammad Hassan in the National Security Sector, Colonel Yahya Mahmoud, Commander of the Anger Sector in the Central Security Sector in North Sinai, Lt. Col. Abdel Wahab Sharqawi in the North Sinai Security Directorate, Lt. Col. Tamer Abdel Shafei in the Cairo Security Directorate, Major Maha Maher in the Eastern Security Directorate, and Captain Ibrahim El Sayed in the National Security Sector.

Today, Thursday, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi witnessed the celebration of the Police Day, which was held at the Police Academy, on the occasion of the sixty-eighth anniversary of the celebration of the Police Day, which falls on January 25 of each year, accompanied by Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, and Dr. Ali Abdel-Al, Chairman of the Council Representatives, as President El-Sisi honored a number of the families of the martyrs, who are police heroes.

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