He suffered a brain hemorrhage .. May Farouk asks for supplication for her ex-husband


4:00 AM

Friday 17 January 2020

Books – Baha Hijazi:

May Farouk asked her audience to pray for her divorced wife, Ashraf Sayed Ragab, after he was injured in a traffic accident.

Farouk wrote, through her account on Facebook: “I ask you to pray for Abu my children Ashraf Sayyed Rajab for recovery. He suffered a brain haemorrhage as a result of an accident.

It is noteworthy that the singer Mai Farouk announced her divorce from her husband, through an influential message she wrote on her Facebook page, and said: “It was months of my divorce from Abu my children and after that I discovered that the sweetest and most beautiful real love relationship is with my children, my beloved Zina, and the owner and employer of our Lord. They will make them happy, let them keep me, keep them safe, and help me in my work, and my children are everything I need. “

Mai Farouk


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