“He was attending Goblins” .. the secret of an Eritrean suicide was hanged in the “pyramid apartment”


03:29 PM

Saturday 25 January 2020

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

Investigations by the Criminal Investigation Department at the Giza Security Directorate headed by Major General Mahmoud al-Sabili revealed the circumstances of a mustache suicide from the State of Eritrea by hanging inside his room in the Haram area.

Research and investigation efforts indicated that he was suffering from behavioral disorders recently, as he was suffering from a psychological crisis, and the absence of a semi-criminal in death.

The young colleagues of the apartment in his apartment revealed a surprise by saying, “He was going to attend the demons, to a certain degree,” in reference to his psychological suffering.

Details of the incident are due to the director of the West Giza sector receiving a signal from the Najda police to find the body of a young man in his apartment in the Haram Police Department department.

A force, led by Brigadier Mohamed Nabil Mamour, transferred the pyramid department, and Lt. Col. Muhammad Al-Sagheer, head of the detectives. 28 years old, hung from his neck with a rope tied with a “curtain pipe”, wearing his full clothes.

The apartment’s companions, accompanied by the deceased – who hold the nationalities of two African countries – stated that he committed suicide in this way, taking advantage of their lack of presence at home at the time.

The necessary report was released, and the body was transferred to the morgue under the Public Prosecution to conduct investigations.

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