He who was close to him, hit him with fire .. A young man embraces a student in front of a high school in Sharqia .. Watch


The pioneers of the social networking site “Facebook” in Sharkia governorate, shared a video clip of a young man embracing a girl and giving her roses in front of the Industrial Secondary School for Girls in Abu Hammad.

In the video, a young man, about twenty years old, is also embracing a student of nearly one year of age, presenting her with a bouquet of roses, sending a harsh message to her friends and to all of those standing in front of the school gate saying: “Whoever hides her will hit him with fire.”

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Amidst a state of applause and cheering from those present in front of the school gate in Mashhad, in which many expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation in which education in Egypt in general and Sharkia Governorate in particular.

A source in the city of Abu Hammad confirmed to “Echo Al-Balad” site that the clip was last Thursday, stressing that the girl’s father had been called and it was found that she is in second grade secondary school and that the person who appeared in the video is her fiance.

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