Head of “Family Planning”: 22 million women use contraceptives – Egypt


Dr. Sahar Al-Sunbati, head of the Population and Family Planning Sector at the Ministry of Health, said that the statistics of the World Health Organization report a decrease in maternal deaths of 30% and children 20% due to family planning practices, explaining that there are cases in Upper and rural Egypt that refuse to respond to family planning campaigns «six women compete with whom You answer more to connect the man, this culture has to change. ” “Sahar” added in her interview to “Al-Watan” that family planning services were provided to 21 million women during the past year, and the percentage of women who obtained the means increased by 19.9%.

Family planning is an investment project .. and every pound is spent by providing 56 poems for educational, medical and living needs

In the beginning, what is meant by the concept of family planning?

Simply put, the concept of family planning is the right of the spouses to plan their lives, and make decisions regarding childbearing, such as setting the ideal date for childbearing, setting a separation period between each newborn and another, and settling for a certain number of children, but each right has conditions, and among the conditions of family planning is that the decision be made before The spouses together, and that the right to family planning be exercised within the framework of preserving the health of the mother and the child. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, family planning helped reduce maternal deaths by 30% and children 20%.

Cases in Upper Egypt and the countryside refuse to respond … and “the sixes compete with whom you answer more to link the man … I have a culture that needs to change”

Are there still cases that refuse to respond to family planning campaigns in some areas?

– Of course there are some cases that face family planning campaigns, especially in Upper and rural Egypt, and the use of some elders in the corners of the concept of wrong family planning, as well as customs and traditions that are a strong barrier in front of us «We have been talking to people in the countryside and Upper Egypt, the women are competing with those who answer more To link the man, this culture needs to be changed, and this is our role, but some families have the concept of a lot of children as a bond, and this is a bigger mistake. People need to understand that family planning is an investment project in which we spend a pound, with a value of 56 pounds. The family planning is provided in hospitals, schools and the water environment. And the air ».

Are there concrete efforts in the “2 sufficiency” project to raise awareness of the importance of the population issue?

Unfortunately, this thought is widespread in Upper and rural Egypt as I indicated .. But we must point to the concerted efforts of the ministries in the recent period to control population growth, and it is always better to say control population growth and not the population issue, because control is a balance of capabilities between basic needs and population census. In the event that citizens want a sense of justice, the scale must be adjusted and the two rows should be equal. With regard to the “2 adequacy” project, the Ministry of Social Solidarity launched this project to achieve the state’s population strategy by raising awareness among women in the 15 to 45 age group about the concept of family Small and no Spaced between births and correcting misconceptions as well as improving the level of services provided for family planning through private associations, especially in rural areas, and the Ministry of Local Development also plays an important role to help in family planning through a project to accelerate the local response to reduce the population increase, and these efforts will reduce the population increase A day will come and these habits will change, as we are in the golden age to get rid of the population crisis.

Is the problem of overpopulation only in Upper Egypt?

– No .. Statistics always indicate that Upper Egypt has high demographic characteristics, but we should not forget the sea side also with demographic characteristics such as early marriage and dropout from education, which is the result of the parents ’desire to marry the girl child at a young age and get rid of her burdens, so a law must be changed Marriage in Egypt, as the law specified the age of marriage starting from the age of 18.

How many women benefited from family planning services during 2019?

– Family planning and reproductive health services were provided to 21 million women who were female recipients during the past year through 5405 fixed units at the level of the governorates of the republic. 36 thousand visits were carried out to mobile clinics in remote and deprived areas of health services, and 613 medical and educational convoys for reproductive health, in addition to Implementation of 4 awareness-raising and service activation campaigns in the governorates of the Republic.

The number of women with access to family planning methods reached nearly 22 million, compared to 2018, there is an increase of 19.9% ​​and this difference is due to awareness and advertising campaigns, family planning clinics and NGOs.

There are some women who are cut off from family planning methods .. How are they dealt with?

– There is a program that will be launched this year to follow up on discontinuations on the use of family planning methods to ensure continued use of the method and monitor the reasons for some of them discontinuing the use of the means. To link the health unit, management and directorate to monitor the number of beneficiaries.

What about opening family planning clinics in university hospitals?

– 5 family planning clinics were opened in university hospitals, and 5 other family planning clinics were opened in health insurance hospitals, the police, the medical institution, the Suez Canal Authority and specialized medical centers, and 35 training sessions for Islamic and Christian clerics were held in cooperation with UNICEF to train on family planning messages for society Also, 7 new clinics were opened to provide family planning services with NGOs in 5 governorates: Giza, Beheira, Qena, Beni Suef and Minya, during the past year.

Sahar Al-Sunbaty to Al-Watan: We have a crisis in the number of rural women pioneers … and 30% of them have reached the age of pension

What are the tools for rural pioneers to persuade women in family planning?

Firstly, the rural women pioneers are from the same environment in which family planning programs are widespread, and before going down to deal with women, the pioneer gets training that is not only related to family planning but also in reproductive health in general, and focuses on newborn women “knock on iron and it is hot”, But what we are suffering from now is the small number of rural women pioneers, because 30% of them will retire to reach the age of pension, and 20% of them will be over the age of 55, so we need 10 thousand new pioneers.


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