Health: A committee to follow up the cases of the Eastern Desert collision doctors and the dangerous cases 2 only


The Ministry of Health formed an operations room to follow up on cases of female doctors injured in a collision in the Eastern Desert Road. The room included Dr. Mohamed Hassani, Assistant Minister of Health for Presidential Initiatives Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Shawky, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Cairo, and Dr. Mohamed Dahi, Head of the Secretariat of the Specialized Medical Centers.

According to official sources at the Ministry of Health and Population, all the infected cases were transferred to the Nasser Institute hospitals and May 15 to take medical measures regarding their injuries provided that health care is provided to them until full recovery, noting that there are two cases in the May 15 hospital and the rest of the cases in the Nasser Institute and receive full health care Most cases are stable.

The sources added that there are only two serious cases and the rest of the cases recover gradually, and none of the injured has reported writing so far, noting that the degree of readiness has been raised in all Cairo hospitals in anticipation of any complications.

The sources indicated that the female doctors were scheduled to undergo training in Cairo on the mechanisms of implementing the Presidential Initiative for Breast Cancer.

The Ministry of Health and Population had announced the death of 4 doctors and the injury of 17 others in a collision of a microbus car, near the city of May 15, as they were traveling from Minya to Cairo to train in the breast cancer initiative. The Ministry of Health and Population said that the injured were taken to the hospitals of May 15 and the Nasser Institute and were receiving full medical care, noting that the Minister directed the provision of full health care to the injured doctors in hospitals, as well as providing all medical supplies and blood bags for the injured.

The Ministry of Health paid a large number of ambulances to transport the injured and the dead quickly, and the dead bodies were placed at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, and the degree of maximum preparedness was raised in all hospitals in Cairo Governorate, and the Ministry confirmed that all the injured are receiving the necessary medical care and are being followed up until they leave after their health condition improves.

The Ministry of Health’s Crisis and Emergency Chamber is following up on the condition of the injured until they are cured.


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