Health agrees to offer a treatment and analgesic for “joint stiffness”: safe for the stomach – Egypt


The Ministry of Health and Population agreed to offer a new and analgesic treatment for “joint stiffness”, which does not cause side effects that may cause the patient to stop taking the drug, and reduce the number of medication tablets required to be taken to give the desired therapeutic effect.

And one of the leading national pharmaceutical companies in the pharmaceutical industry put this treatment on the pharmacy market, at a very competitive price, accessible to all societal groups who need this medicine, and at prices much lower than their imported counterparts.

Dr. Taymour Al-Husseini, professor of orthopedics at the Faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University and head of the Industrial Arthritis Group of the Egyptian Orthopedic Association, said that the new drug represents a new generation of “anti-inflammatory tablets”, and is characterized by a very high efficiency higher than the anti-inflammatory of the bones put on the market before .

The head of the industrial joints group at the Society of Orthopedics added, in press statements about him today, that the drug has a number of efficiency factors, the first of which is its high degree of safety, as it reduces side effects of such drugs on the stomach and digestive system significantly compared to the rest of the traditional medicines, and is used once a day This increases the patient’s commitment to taking treatment, instead of needing two doses per day.

Al-Husseini pointed out that the doctor needs the appropriate dose for the patient from this medicine according to the type of condition.

For his part, Dr. Safwat Al-Arabi, a professor of rheumatic diseases and physiotherapy, said that the effect and effect of the drug lasts for a very long period of more than 24 hours, and it starts to appear to give the patient’s body the relief from the pain he needs after half an hour after taking the treatment.

Al-Arabi added, in press statements about him today, that the new drug is used to treat joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and to relieve the pain and symptoms of inflammatory disorders caused by gout.

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