Health opens specialized clinics throughout the month of January to detect malnutrition in 10 pounds


The National Institute of Nutrition of the Ministry of Health and Population announced the opening of specialized general and economic medical clinics in front of the citizens, to receive them daily throughout January to detect malnutrition diseases for adults and children..

The National Institute of Nutrition at the Ministry of Health said that the detection rates for public clinics are 5 pounds, the economic clinic is 10 pounds and the specialized clinic is 20 pounds. The clinics include a group of senior professors in the specialty of nutrition.

The National Nutrition Institute aims to raise the nutritional level of health of citizens and reduce rates of malnutrition and chronic food-related diseases and the security and safety of food handled and taken by.

The National Institute of Nutrition is also concerned with conducting scientific research in various fields (medical, laboratory, and nutritional) in order to identify nutritional problems in addition to conducting applied research according to the requirements and health problems..

It also targets the early diagnosis of malnutrition diseases through the institute’s public and specialized clinics with the provision of training and advice services related to food and nutrition for different sectors, in addition to conducting quality control analyzes of some special foods before they are allowed for circulation.

The Nutrition Institute also works to develop human cadres and raise the level of researchers with an interest in spreading proper food awareness, whether in health or disease, and contributing to the issuance of legislation in the committees of the Egyptian and international food constitution as a basis for the safety of food circulating in Egypt, in addition to scientific cooperation at the local, regional and international levels and the exchange of experiences and information.


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