“Health” prescription reveals protection from the risks of bad weather


The Ministry of Health and Population has warned of bad weather, stressing that it is preferable not to go out of the house on the days when storms and dust are present, except for force majeure conditions and when needed, provided that the nose is covered and heavy clothing is preferred, as well as keeping away from pets, especially those that contain hair Dense as it leads to irritation of the airways.

The Ministry of Health and Population confirmed the readiness of chest diseases hospitals located throughout the republic to receive any medical conditions from citizens, confirming the availability of medical supplies and medicines that patients may need and clarified the importance of quitting a chest patient from smoking of all kinds if the patient was a smoker, or moving away from places A lot of cigarette smoke, to avoid asthma attacks.

The Ministry of Health and Population stressed the importance of patients not being exposed to cold air currents directly, and avoiding the sudden transition from warm to cold and back, while maintaining breathing through the nose, because it is considered a filter for natural air, and it also enters air to the chest with temperature the body.

And the Ministry of Health added in its warnings, that when you suffer from shortness of breath frequently, it is preferable to go to the doctor to undergo a causal treatment, not by accident, and to see a specialist in the event of some symptoms of chest infections such as coughing, sputum, high body temperature or shortness of breath.

The Ministry advised citizens on the importance of avoiding irritating drugs for the airways such as anti-rheumatics, analgesics, and well ventilating the home, exposing the bed to the sun, as well as the importance of exercising as it enhances the health of the immune system, as it expels toxins from the body and activates its cells.

Meteorologists expect that, today, there will be a decrease in temperatures, and a cold weather will prevail in the north of the country until the north of Upper Egypt is warm on the south of Upper Egypt during a very cold day at night. The country also witnesses rain on the northern coasts and Lower Egypt extending to Cairo, and the winds are mostly southerly. Moderately Western, active in the north of the country and lead to disruption of maritime navigation on the Mediterranean.


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