Health: The victims of the May 15th microbus accident rose to 4 doctors and injured 17 others


The Ministry of Health and Population announced the death of 4 doctors and the injury of 17 others in a collision of a microbus car, near the city of May 15, as they were traveling from Minya to Cairo to carry out the assignment.

The Ministry of Health and Population said that the injured people were transferred to Helwan Hospitals and May 15th and they received full medical care, pointing out that the Minister directed to provide full health care to the injured doctors in hospitals, as well as providing all medical supplies and blood bags for the injured..

The Ministry of Health had paid a large number of ambulances to transport the injured and the dead quickly, and the dead bodies were placed at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, and the degree of preparedness was raised for all hospitals in the Red Sea Governorate, and the Ministry confirmed that all the injured are receiving the necessary medical care and are being followed up until they leave after their health condition improves.

The Ministry of Health’s Crisis and Emergency Chamber is following up on the condition of the injured until they are cured.


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