Health: We did not refer Minia doctors to investigate, and the Coptic doctor’s parents were included in the Hajj Mission


The Ministry of Health and Population revealed the stability of the case of female doctors who were injured in the Minya accident, which occurred yesterday, Wednesday, 4 deaths and 17 injured, and the sources said that the cases receive full care in the Nasser Institute and once their cases improve, they will be written to them on exit.

An official source at the Ministry of Health and Population told “The Seventh Day”, that the training course devoted to the implementation of the Women’s Health Initiative continues to take place and all doctors are receiving training to complete the initiative’s activity aimed at examining 28 million women in the Republic for breast cancer screening.

The source added, that the people who left behind the course will be held legally accountable, but the tragic circumstance that occurred for the Minya doctors, will not be dealt with in the same way, and continued: “We have not transferred any female doctor included in the initiative to the investigation until now and we will follow the situation completely and we now aim the health of the doctors and their safe return “.

On the issue of the presence of a Coptic physician’s name among the deceased, whose decision was taken by the minister to include their parents in the Hajj mission, he said: “There may have been an error that occurred, but that reflects the minister’s appreciation of the situation and her endeavor to help as a kind of support to the affected families.” A mistake among many procedures in favor of female doctors

The source added, that there are great efforts being made in favor of raising the efficiency of the medical component, including training and provision of grants in major European universities, to improve the work environment for them, and thus to provide a distinguished medical service to the Egyptian patient, indicating that the Minister was directed to provide treatment and psychological support after checking on their health in the morning Today and visit them at the Nasser Institute.

The Ministry of Health had stated that the accident resulted in the death of 4 people, including two female doctors, a driver, and a worker, and the injury of 17 others, as they were traveling from Minya Governorate to Cairo Governorate to attend a training course.

The Ministry of Health formed a team of the Ministry’s leaders that included Dr. Sherif Wadih, Adviser to the Minister of Health for urgent and urgent care, Dr. Mohamed Gad, Head of the Ambulance Authority, Dr. Mohamed Shawky, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Cairo, and Dr. Mohamed Dahi, Head of the Secretariat of the Specialized Medical Centers, to follow up the case Injured patients in hospitals immediately after the accident, and ensure that they receive the necessary medical care.

The injuries varied between fractures and segmental wounds, and bruising on separate areas of the body. A case was exited after her health condition improved and she received medical service in a hospital. May 15.

The source emphasized that the Minister of Health and Population directed to provide all medical care for the injured, as medical teams were formed from university professors to follow up the medical condition of all the injured, and also sent a detailed medical report of the cases of the injured first-hand, to check on their health status themselves, and was also assured of the presence of stock Adequate hospital blood bags.

It is noteworthy that all the injured were included in the Hajj medical mission for this year, in addition to one of their first-degree relatives.


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