Heart, cake, and romance .. How Ahmed Ibrahim celebrated the birthday of his wife, Angham


Distributor Ahmed Ibrahim did not need any words to express his love for his star wife Melodies, Or to congratulate her on her birthday, through words of flirtation, love, or customary congratulations.

Ibrahim only published his photo with his star wife Angham, with some emojis indicating Christmas, which is a heart and a “birthday cake”, though, the comments poured into the picture congratulating melodies on her birthday, and wished the couple to enjoy a romantic and beautiful life.

Angham and her distributor husband Ahmed Ibrahim
Angham and her distributor husband Ahmed Ibrahim

Angham celebrated her birthday, which falls today, January 19, by dancing to the tones of the song “Come down, O beautiful in the square,” accompanied by a number of her friends and fans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after she performed a concert at King Abdullah Stadium, in the city of Qassim, within the activities of “Layali” Qassim. “

The account of the fans of the superstar, Angham in the Kingdom, was keen on celebrating her birthday, where the addicted to the account said on Instagram: “Every year, you are the best creature in the universe, and every year you are fine and healthy, and every year and we and your loved ones are you, sweeter heart.”

A number of Angham fans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrated her birthday, as some of her fans were keen to present her Christmas tart to her on the sidelines of her singing party that she performed last Friday evening in Qassim, and extinguished the melodies of the Christmas cake candle, as it appeared in a video she shared Angham fans pages on Instagram, as Angham’s birthday falls today, Sunday.

Before her travel to Saudi Arabia, the star Angham made sure to share with her fans and her followers the most recent photo sessions for her, through her personal account on the famous Instagram photo site, in which she appeared Full MakeupShe wore a gray blouse and the photographer Bilo Hussein, while a large number of her fans were keen to write comments that express admiration for Angham.


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