Heavy rain and dirt, know the “weather forecast” for Wednesday’s weather


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Today, Wednesday, meteorological experts expect a water cushion in the north of the country that will be dense up to fog in some areas, and the weather is warm during the very cold day at night, and up to frost on crops in central Sinai and northern Upper Egypt. Experts also expect rain in the west of the country , And the winds are mostly southeasterly moderate.

The state of the Mediterranean is moderate to turbulent, and the wave height is two to two and a half meters, the Red Sea is moderate, and the wave height is one and a half to two meters, and the surface winds are southeasterly.

As for the minimum and maximum temperatures, then Cairo will be “11-24”, Alexandria “11-21”, Qena “08-27”, Luxor “09-28”, Aswan “12-29”.

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