Heavy rain and dust laden with winds .. An unstable wave struck the country this evening until Saturday


Body experts expect Meteorological, The country was affected by a state of instability in medium-severe weather conditions from Wednesday evening until next Saturday, the climax will be tomorrow, Thursday, it is expected that the south-western winds will be stimulating for sand and dust, and lead to a strike of maritime traffic over the surface of the Mediterranean . This is accompanied by the proliferation of low and medium clouds on the north of the country (the northern coasts, northern Sinai, cities and governorates of the Canal and the governorates of Lower Egypt and Cairo) in addition to the north of Upper Egypt (Fayoum, Beni Suef and Minya to Assiut), accompanied by heavy rainfall compared to the western coasts to be gradually extended to the rest of the governorates previously Dhikr is heavy and thunderous on the northern coasts, Port Said and the north of the delta, and it is moderate to the other governorates.

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And there will be a temporary rise in temperatures, only today, and I have to decrease it again from 3 to 4 degrees, starting from Thursday, and the rain will continue until next Sunday in smaller quantities compared to its fall on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It is expected that there will be a tangible improvement in the weather condition as of next Sunday evening, in the governorates and cities of central and southern Upper Egypt, which are completely far from the chances of rain, but light rains remain on the Hurghada and Ras Gharib.

Meteorological experts advised wearing heavy winter clothes, not to engage in marine activities on the surface of the Mediterranean, to drive quietly on the roads, to ensure the validity of car spaces, and not to park cars under billboards or trees.

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