“Her beauty is intense” .. The imam of a mosque discovers that “his bride is a man” (photos)


Two weeks after his marriage, the imam of a mosque in the country of Uganda discovered that his bride was a man.The newspaper “Daily Monter”, that Mohamed Mutumba, the imam of the Nour Mosque in Kyunga district, central Uganda, was looking for a beautiful lady with an obligation to marry her, where he told his story saying: “She fell in love with her, and when she asked her to marry, she agreed, but she said that We can only have sex after I pay the dowry to her maternal aunt, because she has no other family. ”

After the wedding ceremony ended, the husband did not approach his bride for two weeks, after she claimed that she was in her menstrual period, and Mutumba agreed to wait until she was better, and he returned to work.

Days later, one of Mutumbas neighbors noticed the bride jumping over a wall separating their homes, while trying to steal electrical appliances, cookware, and clothes, in the absence of her husband, and informed the police, who came to arrest her while wearing the veil and the women’s sandal.

A female officer searched the suspect carefully, before moving her to the cell and beginning her investigation into the robbery accident, where she discovered that the arrested person is only a man, and he puts on a cotton “bra” to deceive people that she is a lady.

Isaac Mugera, a criminal investigation officer in Gyeonga Province, said: “After a thorough examination, and to confirm that the woman was male, her husband who was accompanying the police station, who was not certified, was informed and asked the police to allow him to confirm himself, and then he released another record, accusing him of By swearing at him, forging him on official papers, in his own body, and impersonating a woman, so that he can get his money. ”

Investigations confirmed that the accused named Richard Tomushabe, 27, who denies the dress of a woman for obtaining Mutombas money, stealing his residence, and arrested his alleged aunt, but confirms that she did not know that Nabuqira was a male, because she recognized her and asked her to stand with her in the marriage ceremony because she orphan.

“The case file has been sent to the resident state attorney for review and we are awaiting legal advice before we take it to court,” Mugera said.

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