Her father was determined to kill her and her brother … The story of the first artist, Magda – art and culture


Its childish features, its soft voice, and its distinctive style, were the reason for its excellence and attracting attention all the time, and the ticket to the artist Magda Al-Sabahi’s entry into the world of cinema, which I raised through a number of artworks, both in terms of acting, directing or producing, so that her works remain vibrant, even with She died Thursday, at the age of 89, after a struggle with illness.

The artist Magda was characterized by extreme shyness, which was reflected in her aristocratic appearance and personality which she inherited from her mother, which helped her gain the love of the public in the fifties of the last century, as an icon of “tenderness” and “pamper”, and the manufacture of a “different personality” among the stars of her generation.

Magda entered the world of acting in 1949, when she was thirteen years old at the time, hidden from behind her family, so she changed her name from Afaf Ali Al-Sabahi to become Magda Al-Sabahi, through the movie “The Adviser”, by the director and author Saif Al-Din Shawkat , Starring Ismail Yassin and Farid Shawky.

Al-Nasih .. Her first movie, and her participation in acting, Ismail Yasil and Farid Shawky

The film revolves around a poor young man who calls him a “mentor”, who loves a girl and tries to relate to it, so he tries to do many things to collect money, but the girl loses hope, and is tied to a wealthy young man, so the young man turns to a gang to counterfeit money and exploits his idiocy in her activity and participates with them in A criminal process, according to the “cinema” website.

In her book, “Majida Al-Sabahi’s Diaries”, she talked about that movie, which completely changed her life, as she was suffering from “extreme sensitivity to the press”, to the point that she ran away to her room and cried, as soon as she smelled a “journalist” who wanted to meet her, but once she knew Her family faced a “revolt revolution” from them, where her older brother beat her and her father determined to kill her.

Magdas mother convinced them that her death was not a solution, which was the main reason for the separation of her parents, and her father filed a lawsuit on the film and its producer, accusing them of exploiting a minor’s girl without consulting her guardian, so the film stopped playing for a year.

After several attempts by her father to abandon the lawsuit to beg the producer, for the film to achieve unparalleled success, while she remained confined to the house for a year, until her mother’s heart was tender to her tears, and she persuaded her family to return to acting, so that her father agreed, but “under strict conditions”, including that one of her relatives accompany her in the filming sessions For 5 consecutive years, Magda will record a great breakthrough in the world of acting.


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