“Her head was struck with his leg” … the tragedy of the child witnessed her father’s refusal to register her and was killed


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Monday 27 January 2020

Books – Sameh Ghaith and Tareq Samir:

“Muhammad F.” To his daughter’s screaming, not begging her pleas, he tortured her and then kicked her with his leg, slamming her head against the wall, and a dead body fell.

“He had something but did not hear the words” with those words, the father justified his murder of his child, “testified” in his confessions to officers of the first police department of Nasr City, indicating that he did not intend to kill her, but he wanted to discipline her.

14 years ago, the accused married “Mohamed F.F” his cousin, Sherihan A., two years younger than him, a customary marriage, after a well-known love story, due to their young age at the time (father 16 years old, mother 14 years old), at first their lives were peaceful Quiet, over time the husband got to know bad companions, addicted to drugs and neglected his wife, not taking into account the fetus that grew in her stomach.

After a year and a half of marriage, the couple gave birth to the child “witnessed” the victim, her tragedy started from birth, because of the young age of her parents, they were unable to register her in the birth records and did not obtain a birth certificate for her.

After the child’s parents reached the legal age, the wife tried to persuade her husband to document the marriage, to obtain a birth certificate for their child, but he refused, and with his wife’s insistence to document their marriage, the husband divorced her, and the wife and her child moved to live in the house of the father of the first in the Zakat Foundation area in Al-Marj district.

With the arrival of the child victim of the age of five, the mother again demanded mediators to persuade her divorced woman to document marriage and divorce, and to register the child, so that she could enroll in education, but he refused, so the child was left to “Rida”, her sister’s sister, to raise her.

During the recent period, the child was spending her time traveling between her mother’s homes at the Zakat Foundation, and her father and aunt in Azbet el-Haganah, the girl’s aunt says: Last Sunday, while the child was in her father’s residence, the latter asked her to bring some of his personal belongings, but she did not respond, so the father got angry and pounced She was beaten with punches, adding: We tried to calm him, to no avail. “We insulted and hit her with his leg,” so her head hit the wall, and she fell out of speech, so they rushed her to the hospital in an attempt to rescue her.

Above a bed in the Center for Care at the University Hospital in Al-Zahra, the child’s body is stretched, witnessed, suffering from internal bleeding at the bottom of the skull, as a result of her head crashing against the wall; a number of parents and doctors wrap around it, unsuccessfully and died due to her injuries.

Lt. Col. Hossam Nasser, Chief of Investigations, Nasr City Police Department, First, a reference from Al-Zahra University Hospital, by receiving “Shahd MFJ”, 13, and the resident of Al-Janayini Street in Ezbet Al-Hagana. She died of a bruising to the head that led to internal bleeding at the bottom of the skull.

In front of the police officers of the first police department in Nasr City, the child’s mother and aunt accused her father, “Muhammad MFJA.” A 30-year-old worker assaulted the victim, resulting in her injury and death.

By conducting investigations, the incident was verified, and the department’s investigation unit officers, accompanied by the accompanying force, were able to arrest the accused father, and by confronting him, he confessed to committing the incident as indicated.

He added, with his precedent, his marriage to the uncle of his uncle, called “Sherihan AJJ”. 28 years, without editing a legal marriage certificate, and their marriage resulted in the birth of the victim without being registered in the birthbooks.

A security source said in statements to Masrawy: The accused is required to be arrested to implement a judicial ruling for accusing him of theft in case No. 23708 of 2016, Nasr City.

He was released from that necessary report, and the Public Prosecution Office ordered the detention of the father for 4 days, pending investigations.

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