Her mind was under the influence of the drug … a Lebanese doctor was molesting a patient and the end was shocking


The Lebanese judiciary issued a sentence today, Tuesday, to “fining” a doctor of 10 thousand dollars for the crime of molesting a patient.

According to the Lebanese News Agency (Wataniya), the doctor molested his patient, thinking that she was under the influence of the drug.

The agency said that the Criminal Court in Beirut had issued its verdict against the anesthesiologist “N.B.”, for harassing the patient, “H.” After undergoing surgery in a hospital in the capital.

She added that the patient underwent surgery in 2017, after which she was transferred to an adjacent room where the anesthesiologist wakes her up, then gives permission to transfer her to another room in a routine procedure.

The doctor seized the opportunity, thinking that he was still under the influence of the drug, but he was surprised that the patient had woke up from the anesthesia and started screaming, which required a number of doctors and nurses to know what was happening.

In order for the court panel to decide, according to the results of investigations and testimonies of witnesses, and the indictment’s decision to criminalize the person accused of the crime stipulated in Article 508 of the Lebanese Penal Code, to impose the hard labor penalty for a period of 3 years, reduce it as a bond to Article 253, replace it with a stay of execution, and compel it to pay a malfunction and damage to the plaintiff of 15 million Lebanese pounds, the equivalent of 10 thousand dollars at the official price.

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