Here ascetic at the age of 78 and her husband comments: “I will be dead 80 years.”


The artist here Zahed used one of the interactive games that spread on the “Facebook” site, which shows the person of an older age or younger than his age, and published a picture of the application through her personal account where it appeared here in its real form and next to it an imaginary image of its shape at the age of 78, to comment here on Image: “Very Agree.” However, the artist Ahmed Fahmy, a husband here, commented on the photo that his wife joked: “And you 78 are dead. I will be 80 years old,” to anger here the ascetic and respond with a group of angry faces.

It is noteworthy that Fahmy and here they participated in the series “Al-Sayed Sayed Al-Shahat”, which presented Ramadan last in their first cooperation together, before their wedding, which they celebrated last September, in a big party in a major hotel in Cairo in the presence of a large number of The stars.


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