Here’s the first look at Android on Microsoft’s dual-screen phone


Company revealed Microsoft About her dual screen smartphone (Service DooSurface Duo during its hardware event Last October, But it did not provide an opportunity to see how a system works Android on him.

(Surface Duo) came with two screens measuring 5.6 inches and a resolution of 1350 x 800 pixels each, and the size of them together becomes 8.3 inches when opened, and it was not possible to see what Android looks like, but the American company has now published an Android emulator for developers.

Online developers have released videos revealing how Android works on Microsoft’s first dual-screen phone. In a video of about two minutes, you can see how to open applications and Android settings on the two phone screens, and Microsoft allows users to transfer applications between the two screens.

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While apps and settings menus open in full screen, users can see how Microsoft allowed apps installed on the Android home screen to slide across the two screens. When opening any application, the applications are immediately moved to the other screen, which allows to open more applications at any time.

When Microsoft revealed a Surface Du phone, it said: It will be available at the end of this year, in order to attract developers, because it works that the phone will not achieve success unless it provides what the users need from the applications, so the launch of the Android emulator now comes in order to encourage developers to Building improved applications to work with the two phone screens.

Developers can download the Android emulator from Microsoft’s website, and start building applications for Surface Duo. The company plans to launch a simulator similar to dual-screen computers – including its Surface Neo computer – that will run Windows 10x next month.

Microsoft is expected to announce more details regarding phones and dual-screen computers during its Build conference, expected next May.


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