Hind Sabri: I look forward to the role of a spy, and this is what I teach my daughter


The star shone Hind Sabri Finally in Marrakech Festival For the international film, she attended the night of the screening of the movie “Noura Tilam” in which she starred, and again demonstrated her ability to assume the role of “Noura Al-Umm”, who wants to rebel against an unfortunate married life, divided by the feelings and responsibilities of motherhood. Hind was also the guest of a dialogue paragraph accompanied by his Iranian architect Galshevah Farahani, and extracted the attendees ’admiration of her opinions and her remarkable presence, as she spoke in French. In this conversation, we met her in the atmosphere of Marrakech in a white modern outfit and she talked us with a lot of serenity and love.

Hind Sabri
Hind Sabri

First of all, we haven’t seen you in traditional Moroccan outfit, don’t you like it?

On the contrary, I wear it constantly, I am in love with traditional Moroccan and Tunisian costumes, and the Moroccan dress is beautiful and elegant. I also travel to India frequently and love to wear saris and all that is authentic and traditional. On the contrary, I love and encourage traditional costumes.

With the role of “Noura” in your Tunisian movie “Noura Tilam”, which was screened in Marrakech, we watched a female movie defending women, while declaring during your interview – perhaps you also think – that you are more human than women?

I love cinema in its various colors, those that express a person and all of life, but in our Arab world, you must be a woman “against your nose” due to the injustice that women generally experience, and it is a topic that constantly preoccupies me and the question grows as I get older. The movie, “Nora Dreams,” questions society and even the law. Why harden women more than men? Society and law do not judge him as harshly as they do over women. This is the question I loved in the movie. Even worse, we have often found that the situation is not different for women in the world, as the same may apply to women in Canada, Spain and France. This is what we noticed during the presentation of the film in these countries.

The movie was difficult

Hind Sabri
Hind Sabri

How did you find yourself in the movie and how did you view your performance?

The movie was difficult, and the character is also complex and very gray, as it is false, treacherous, rebellious, and sometimes idealistic. I felt like I risked myself in this movie, but I took on the challenge and it succeeded.

It is not strange to you. Since your first movie role, you have faced challenges.

True, I love challenges, and I love to try all characters. I have a will to act. And acting is not easy and I never want to live in a specific personality or roles in itself.

Did you contribute to writing the movie or did you prepare for certain scenes?

no never. I absorbed the role required of me, I tried to embody the character “Noura” as I wrote it and directed by Tunisian director Hind Boudjemaa. I am Hind Actress.

We saw how well you are an educated and well-spoken actress, especially through the last conversation that the Marrakech Festival organized with the Iranian actress Galshefeh Farahani. Can Hind one day go to writing and directing?

I think about it if I am somewhat afraid. I have lost my place in the field of acting that I love and have made a lot of effort. I do not want my acting to be lost, the idea of ​​writing and directing haunts me but it is not brewing yet.

Do we expect a female film that carries women’s concerns and issues?

not necessarily. The important thing is that it be a subject that I feel comes out of the heart, and that I carry a case or influence me first and feel it, to reach others well.

I presented models of various personalities

Hind Sabri
Hind Sabri

What role did Hind find herself so much?

She has many roles, including the last role in “Noura Tilam”, in addition to my role in my first movie in Tunisia in the beginning of the nineties “Silence of Palaces” with the director Moufida Al-Talatli, although I was young and without experience, as well as my role in the movie “Ahla” The Times »Because it is the most important role that made the Egyptians love me and find me close to them through the role of an ordinary veiled woman, my role also in“ Yaqoubian Architecture ”and my role in“ Asmaa ”and in the Tunisian movie“ Arayes Al-Dab ”in the year 2002 with the director who is proud of his work, Nuri Bouzid, along with My last turn in “The Blue Elephant”. They are all roles in which I presented models of diverse and rich personalities, with whom the audience interacted.

What role do you like to play yet?

I loved the role of clothing, and I finally performed it in the “Blue Elephant”. Today, I would like to play a spy role. This role excites me.

You talked about a Tunisian movie in which you will star in?

Really. Soon, I will be working on a new movie and a different role, I will announce it in its time and the film is a social narrative.


No, it is a dramatic movie, but I have a comedy series soon in Egypt.

Is Hind in Egyptian drama different from Hind in Tunisian drama? Do I have the impression that you are in Tunisia more mature and deeper?

I have series in Egypt that have become classic classics of Arab drama, such as “Ayza Atjouz” series, which is comic but purposeful, not trivial and gives an opportunity to ridicule our situation and criticize in a different way. The difference is that in Egypt, the spread is rapid and passes to all countries of the Arab world. While in Tunisia, there is little work and is cooked over low heat.

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