His mistress fought with Mrs. Zeinab: “She was answering her husband’s biography at the time of intercourse” – Accidents


“She was bored of her … she said I am more sincere than her because she was answering her husband’s biography at the time of intercourse.” With those words, the accused confessed to killing his mistress inside his house in the Sayyeda Zainab area in Cairo, in front of the Public Prosecution, which renewed his detention for 15 days pending investigations.

Prosecutors’ investigations indicated that the victim had a relationship with a young man of her generation who had known her for nearly 12 months, and had a sexual relationship with her that continued until the day of the crime, and the detective succeeded in arresting Al-Asheq hours after the identity was revealed, and by asking him he tried to evade the crime after confessing his relationship with her Claiming: “I saw her a week ago, and everything I called her was on.”

However, the investigations proved that the lover, “Mr. A.” “38 years, is the perpetrator of the murder, and by facing him and cracking down on him, the accused collapsed and confessed to the details of his crime:” What happened on the day of the crime was that he was with me. It does not look right, and I kept coming back, so I said to her that you will not walk until a week later, and when I returned 3 days ago, I met her saying that if you did not open the door, she would call the rescue, and I would strangle her, and I would have died in Idia. ”

The defendant added in the police report: “There was no solution before me except to get rid of the body, so I waited until the night, and the world winded a little, and I wrapped the body in the sheet and threw it in the street, and its hour I sensed that they were big.

After the defendant finished confessing in front of the police, he repeated his statements before the Public Prosecution, which was attributed to him the charges of premeditated murder and hiding the body to escape criminal responsibility, and decided to detain him pending investigations, then the opposition judge renewed his detention today for 15 days pending investigations after the prosecution commissioned forensic medicine To dissect the victim’s body to explain the causes of her death and to inform the prosecution of the results of the anatomical capacity.

The Lady Zainab Police Department had received a report from the families of the existence of the body of a girl in the third decade of age wrapped in a bed sheet, lying in a street, and immediately the detectives moved to the location of the incident, and a examination of the body revealed the presence of bruises and beating marks scattered throughout the body.

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