His wife, her parents and her brother were stabbed .. 6 months of dispute ended with a crime


09:03 PM

Sunday January 19, 2020

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

The investigations of Giza investigations revealed new circumstances in a driver’s attempt to kill his wife, her parents, and her brother, using an iron scissors and a knife in Talbieh.

Research and investigation efforts concluded that the beginning of the dispute dates back to 6 months when the spouses moved to the wife’s family home in the Talbiyah area temporarily.

Over time, the twentieth driver demanded his wife to return to the marital home in which they stayed at their marriage, but his request was rejected, in addition to the wife’s insistence that their daughter and husband continue to stay with them, which sparked the latter’s anger.

Matters worsened at the end of last week with the husband’s repeated request, but the position of the wife and her family did not change. The rest of them intervened, they were stabbed and fled.

A medical source at Al-Haram Hospital reported that the mother’s condition is very serious, and is subject to intensive treatment in the intensive care room, pointing to the stability of her husband’s condition after he had a stomach stab, while the wife of the accused and her brother – with a stab in the neck – left the hospital after they recovered.

The Commission was able to arrest the accused, led by Lt. Col. Mustafa Kamal, the student of Al-Talbiya and Al-Omraniya division, with the participation of Major Ahmed Essam and his assistants, Captain Muhammad Ashraf and Captain Hossam Abu Dhaif, and was instructed about the two crime tools.

The necessary minutes were prepared, and Major General Mahmoud al-Sabili, director of Giza Investigation, referred him to the Public Prosecution for investigation.

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