Hisham Hanafi: Mostafa Mohamed refused an offer to join Al-Ahly


Hisham Hanafi, a former technical committee member at Al-Ahly Club, said he tried to sign Mustafa Mohamed, the current Zamalek player, but the player refused.

Hisham Hanafi added, through comments to Al-Hadath channel today: “Mustafa Mohamed is a great striker and a great future awaits him, when I was a member of the technical committee of Al-Ahly Club, I talked to him and we had Captain Captain Alaa Mihoub to join the Red Castle team.”

He continued: “Mustafa Mohamed was at that time a player in the ranks of Tanta, and we had a meeting with him, the player told us that he is a member of Zamalek Club and therefore the matter was, he told me it was a great honor to play for Al-Ahly but he apologized.”

He concluded: “He was one of the favorites to join Al-Ahly, but the player’s response ended the negotiations quickly.”


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