Hollywood asks Carlos Ghosn to turn the story of his escape into a film – politics – international variety


The former president of Nissan Motor Company, Carlos Ghosn, said that Hollywood asked him to convert his escape from Japan in a box for a musical instrument into a movie. Ghosn was speaking in an interview, when he indicated that a movie is being produced about the story of his escape, after rumors spread about him meeting with Hollywood producers and the global network “Netflix”.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” said that Ghosn managed to escape from Tokyo last December to Lebanon after he hid in a box that was intended for a music device that had opened some craters below him, to escape his trial on charges of corruption and embezzlement of up to 65 million pounds.

Ghosn slipped out of his home in Tokyo, then to Osaka on the express train and then on a private plane to Istanbul, and avoided the Japanese security authorities by hiding in a box before he reached Beirut on December 30.

It is unclear who helped him in this exciting escape, although he believes that a team of 15 men cost the escape of several million dollars.

Ghosn claimed that he escaped from Japan to escape the harsh judicial system, which condemns 99% of the cases he is trying.




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