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07:26 AM | Friday 24 January 2020

Before facing Mazembe .. 4 scenarios for Zamalek to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Champions and another disastrous


A few hours and a match kicks off Zamalek Against Mazembe in the fifth round of the CAF Champions League group stage, in which the white knight hosts the Congolese team.

Zamalek occupies second place in its group with 7 points, which includes both Mazembe, and the first August club, and ZESCO Zambian club, while the Congolese team leads the group with 10 points.

The white knight enters the match, coveting his qualification to the quarter-finals next to Mazembe, who has already won his seat in the next round.

Zamalek has great chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals, but there are also scenarios that may knock him out of the championship, and through this report we will monitor for you scenarios of qualification and exclusion of the white knight from the championship.

Scenarios of Zamalek qualification for the African Champions League quarter-finals

The first scenario: Zamalek beat Mazembe

In the event that Zamalek wins during today’s meeting, he will be able to qualify officially to the quarter-finals of the African Champions League before the last round, without looking at the results of other teams.

The second scenario: All the teams in the group are tied

And in the case of Zamalek tie against Mazembe club, then there is also an opportunity for Zamalek to qualify without looking at the results of other teams, which is the end of the first August and ZESCO meeting with a draw as well, as Zamalek will become 8 points, while both ZESCO and the first of August are only 3 points.

The third scenario: Zamalek tied with ZESCO win or early August

In the case of Zamalek tie and one of the two teams won in the match between ZESCO and the first of August, the winning team will have five points in its possession, and thus the white knight must achieve a positive result in the last round, whether winning or drawing to ensure qualification.

The fourth scenario: the loss of Zamalek from Mazembe

Also, Zamalek has an opportunity to rise in the event of losing a meeting today, which is that the meeting between ZESCO and the first of August ends in a tie in that case. Zamalek also ascends without looking for any result as the balance of both ZESCO and the first of August will be 3 points while the white 7 will not be able to reach either.

The fifth scenario: Zamalek exit

The last and catastrophic scenario for the fans of Zamalek, which the white knight fears is a loss or a tie in today’s meeting with the victory of the first of August over ZESCO, and in the last round, the first of August can beat the white knight with a result greater than two goals, which excludes Zamalek from the championship.

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