Horror in Menoufia … 20 “one-off” tubes


The Civil Protection Unit in the Al-Bagour Center in Menoufia governorate controlled a fire, after 20 cylinders had exploded in the village of Kfar El-Bagour.Major General Mohamed Nagy, Director of Menoufia Security, received a notification from the warden of the Bagour Center, stating that an explosion occurred in the village of Kafr El-Bagour, which caused terror among the citizens, and the explosion wounded a. N »The son of the owner of the plot of land, he was taken to the Bagour General Hospital to receive first aid.

The civil protection forces in the city of El-Bagour, headed by Major Muhammad Abbas, pushed two cars to control the fire and prevent its spread to neighboring facilities, while the residents used loudspeakers in the mosques in order to leave the citizens to contribute to the fire.

The fire occurred in an empty plot of land owned by the owner of a gas depot in the area. A report of the incident was released, and the Public Prosecution Office was notified to conduct investigations.

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