How did artists and Salafis struggle to carry Madihas coffin the entire day of her death?


The artist suffered Madiha Kamel Heart disease, and she first suffered a stroke in 1975 while filming the series “The Snake”, but her major health troubles began a year before her death, as she remained bedridden in Mustafa Mahmoud Hospital for 10 months because of weak heart muscle and the accumulation of water on the lung continuously, which She had to be hospitalized for a long time, until she died at her home on January 13, 1997 at the age of 48.

Kamel retired from the artistic field and did not welcome any media appearances after her retirement from art except in an interview on the program “Very Honest Dialogue” in 1995. On the day of her funeral from the Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque on January 13, 1997 a large group of artists headed by the artist Hussein Fahmy attended, The one who received condolences with the family of the deceased, and on the other side, a group of Salafists attended to receive condolences, and upon the exit of the coffin, the two parties wrestled to carry the coffin in addition to all the masses who were waiting for the last look at the body of the poor, and the car carrying the coffin moved with the chants of the Salafis. Goodbye, sister. ”

It is mentioned that Madiha Kamel was born in Alexandria on August 3, 1948, and moved to Cairo since 1962, and studied at the Faculty of Arts at Ain Shams University, and after graduation she worked for a period in the field of fashion shows and then worked in the field of acting through many small roles She even starred in the movie “30 Days in Prison”.

And after that she achieved a great spread in the films that she worked with between Egypt and Lebanon, and among the most famous and most famous of her films is Women and the Blemish, a chase, the doors of the night, the three liars, a furnished apartment, the choice, a song on the corridor, love and pride, the devil is a woman, girls and Mercedes, Sukkariya Time, oh love, in the summer we love, sons of silence, dawn visitor and women in Medina, goblins, climbing to the abyss, no mom, smart but stupid, things against the law, slaughter, fancy path, Naima respectable fruit, the path of Omar and file in Literature, and among its plays Hello Shalaby, a game called The Money and the Lost Generation, and from the series ” The spider, the basher, the snake, the river, the dilemma, and the cheater stems the river and the eyes of the sea. ”


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