How did the Brotherhood cause the death of the prisoner, Mustafa Qassem?


The terrorist “Brotherhood” terrorist group is still trying to export a new crisis to the Egyptian state, by inciting its imprisoned elements for cases or issuing judicial rulings against them to enter into an open strike inside prisons, with the aim of creating chaos, pressure and intimidation of the state at home, without taking into account or caring about the lives of these people. Prisoners, while the group’s leaders live in Smile out of Egypt.The last of these prisoners was Mustafa Qasim, who was transferred from Tora Prison Hospital to Manial University Hospital, on Sunday, after he entered a hunger strike despite suffering from diabetes, but he died on Monday evening.

A source familiar with the matter said that “Qasim” entered into an open-ended hunger strike, and this is his right, which is guaranteed by the law. He continued to have diabetes.

He added: “A committee affiliated with the prison spoke to him and confirmed that what he is doing will not benefit him anything, and that the strike should be stopped because of his illness, but he refused completely, so the committee submitted a report to that effect, and all necessary measures were taken to ensure survival, but his condition worsened and he was transferred. To Al-Manial University Hospital, he was held there for treatment, but his condition deteriorated and he died. ”

He stressed that the state had not prevented the aforementioned from food and drink, and that he had entered into a strike of his own free will, and the prison administration had reports proving that he had failed to do anything towards him.

He pointed out that the terrorist “Brotherhood” group invited the prisoners to go on a hunger strike in the prisons, and some of the prisoners have already responded to these calls, adding: “Their leaders are sitting in Qatar and Turkey eating, drinking, and smacking, and saying to some countries that you do not eat or drink.”

This incitement was evident in what was written by Aya Hijazi, an activist with brotherhood leanings, who hastened to write immediately after the death of “Qasim”, referring in her speech to a number of the group’s prisoners who responded to the calls of “terrorist”.

“Aya” wrote on the social networking site “Twitter”: “At all and invertedly, the biography of Ola Al-Qaradawi, who has a green card and her children, is held in solitary confinement. Why?” If I fear Egypt’s reputation, they say its health condition is not good. Tell them about Reem Desoki, the American. Why are you arrested? And I wish to talk about the sixties. Sulafa, Israa, Huda and Alia ».

The Brotherhood’s channels, broadcasters, followers, and supporters have installed something similar to “electronic flint”, grabbed the news and began inciting against Egypt, at the head of these channels “Al-Sharq” and “Al-Jazeera”, and worked to promote the idea that he holds American citizenship, and called for explicit incitement of officials The Americans take a “strong reaction”.

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