How did the Minister of Health escape the Parliament Guillotine? .. Watch the video


Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health, fell into the parliament’s goal, after an interrogation by one of the deputies over the dilapidation of the Bulaq Dakrur General Hospital. As soon as the plenary session began to discuss the interrogation, the interrogator submitted a question to the minister about what she had done to the popular areas hospitals. She had a video of the spread of dogs, then she started responding with a slight smile, saying: 100% of Bulaq residents have access to health services.

The deputies ’voices were raised in their demands, and they chanted,“ My currency is what is overpowering. ”The health minister’s smile began to disappear, and the demands of withdrawing confidence began to increase. The deputies began attacking her and accused her of wasting one billion and 54 million pounds. The panic began to control the minister after the accusations. The speaker of the House of Representatives deleted a phrase mentioned by one of the representatives, then the minister pledged to develop the Bulaq Dakrur Hospital with 150 million pounds.

The deputies began to calm down after the Minister of Health confirmed that a valid clause was not registered to the hospital when she received the ministerial portfolio and Hala Zayed, the Minister of Health, left the parliament’s trap without losses after Dr. Ali Abdel-Al announced the interrogation had fallen.

Dr. Ali Abdel-Al, Speaker of the House of Representatives, announced the closure of the discussion door in the interrogation directed by Deputy Mohamed Al-Husseini to the Minister of Health, regarding the deterioration and deterioration of Bulaq Dakrur Hospital, and the lack of request to withdraw confidence from the Minister for discussion, due to the absence of a number of representatives who signed the request, And that after the names of the signatories were recited on the request to withdraw confidence and verify that there were no number of those who signed the request, and the discussion of the interrogation took about 5 continuous hours.

The Speaker of the Parliament explained that the request to withdraw confidence is considered a statute in the event that any of the deputies who signed the request for withdrawal of confidence is absent. Announcing the closure of the discussion.


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