How do we address the problem of poor network in the phone?


How do we address the problem of poor network in the phone?

Many smartphone users sometimes have problems with poor cellular network signal in their phones, so what are the best ways to address these problems?

One of the steps that experts advise to follow in case the user feels the weakness of the cellular network signal in his device is to reset the network, where he must go to the settings menu in the phone settings, and then the networks option, and then press the Reset option, and then Reset Network Settings .

One of the steps that can be followed also to restore the signal strength of the cellular and wireless networks in the phone is to switch to the “Airplane Mode”, and then wait for about 30 seconds and then restore the normal working mode of the phone again.

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It is also advised that in case of losing the network in the phone or discovering its weak signals, it is necessary to perform a process of rebooting the device, as this process activates the ability of signal components and receivers in the cellular devices at times.

Experts also recommend putting smart phones away from TV screens and electronic devices in the home or office, as the radiation and frequencies emitted by these devices often affect the wireless signals coming to the phone.

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