How do you know what Instagram collects about you? Follow these steps


Instagram collects a lot of information about users, to know their interests and targeting them with ads, and Instagram says that your advertising interests depend on a group of people you follow, posts that you like or comment on, and other websites and applications that you use, and that if you have a Facebook account , Instagram pulls data from there too.

You can check the list of topics that Instagram believes you are interested in, to make sure of its accuracy, by following these steps, as monitored by the British “Business Insider” website:

From Instagram homepage, click on the profile icon in the lower right.

Click on the menu icon in the upper right.

After that, press “Settings”

Select “Security” …

And click on “data access”.

You will need to scroll all the way, clicking “View all” under “Ads interests”.

There, you will be able to see the types of topics that Instagram believes you are interested in. There are dozens of interests in the list – just click on “View more” and the list will be filled out.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, classifies users according to their interests to easily sell their data to advertisers, and websites such as Facebook and Instagram collect the interests of users, in addition to demographic information such as age and gender, to determine the ads that they will see.

Facebook has faced criticism and legal turmoil over how it used this data in the past, and has been subjected to numerous scandals due to mishandling of customer data, and company CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Congress to talk about how the data analytics company arrived Cambridge Analytica Incorrectly to the data.

Recently, an Instagram partner, Hyp3r , From collecting user site data and keeping their stories secret, a practice that only stopped after notification Business Insider about her.

It is worth noting if you do not want to see ads based on data like this, Facebook this summer introduced a feature that shows where the ads come from and allows you to unsubscribe from targeted ads within your settings.


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