How is the map of “Palestine” according to “Trump’s peace plan”


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US President Donald Trump posted on his Twitter account Tuesday evening a map he said would be for a “future Palestinian state.”

“This is what the future state of Palestine might look like with a capital in parts of Jerusalem,” Trump wrote.

The map showed separate green areas for the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and other areas within miles of the south of the Strip, one of which is residential and agricultural, and the other represents an industrial and industrial zone using advanced technology, while brown points appeared, which represent 15 settlement blocs spread among the cities of the West Bank.

It was also noticed that there is a tunnel or bridge that runs from the east of the Strip to the west of Hebron.

Commenting on that map, US Presidential Adviser Jared Kushner said it was “inspired by UN Charter 242.”

Kouchner claimed in a television interview that the Trump plan “gives everyone the freedom to pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and guarantees a Palestinian state connected to the territories.”

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