How many articles in English are on Wikipedia? The number will surprise you


The Wikipedia encyclopedia revealed a significant achievement, after the number of articles in the English version exceeded more than 6 million articles, according to the tweet of the official account of the encyclopedia on Twitter, while Ryan Merkeley, head of the Wikimedia team – a non-profit organization that manages Wikipedia: This feat, which comes almost 19 years after the site was founded, is a testament to “what people can do together”

According to the report, the article, No. 6 million, is about Maria Elise Turner Lauder, a nineteenth-century Canadian school, travel writer and fiction writer. The article was written by Rosie Stephenson-Goodnight, a long-time editor of Wikipedia, Although Wikipedia is available in dozens of languages, its English-language publication contains the largest number of articles.

What comes after the release of the English version – which amounted to 5 million articles in late 2015 – comes the German version, which has about 2.3 million articles, then the French version, which contains about 2.1 million articles, while the English version is also the most visited project on the site, According to the figures disclosed, the English version of the website sees around 255 million page views every day.

According to similar web analytics company, Wikipedia is the eighth most visited website worldwide, and over the past years Wikipedia has held many seminars in many countries to encourage more people to become contributors to their local languages, and its tools have also improved To facilitate writing and posting, and to cite items for editors.


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